5 Things Your Logo Design Indicates about Your Business

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In many instances the graphic symbol (the logo design!) that represents a business is even more famous than the business itself.  Although, usually the symbol is sufficient representation, many of the logos also include a typographic name of the business that makes the business more recognizable.  A logo is an eye-catching factor of your brand. It inspires people.   A good logo could indicate many things about your business.

For one company it was decided that they didn’t want the company to be thought of like anyone else in the marketplace.  The problem they faced,  was that the landscape was flooded with dozens of small companies.  Unfortunately these competitors were just like this new company.  It was decided to leave an impression that was more of a head shake.  The company was named Iguana Systems and used a big old ugly iguana for the logo design.  It was the perfect ice breaker.  Rarely does someone receive a business card of a technology company with an ugly iguana, and not have to know why.  While telling the story of the logo, it was the perfect segue into the company offerings.  Make sure your logo has purpose.

Here are 5 things your logo could convey about your business:

1.     Your Fun Side

A logo designed in a simple font is informal. Especially, if you belong to a creative line of work, casual font is your way to go. Bright colors are used to attract customers to you. Creative fields need this touch to ensure that the services of the business will be as simple to understand as the logo and will be just as attractive to your customers.

2.     Your Attention to Going Green

All businesses follow the motto of protecting earth from pollution as part of their corporate social responsibility but many fail to project their efforts to their prospective clientele. A nice way to do so is through your logo. Many companies add Green to their logo even when in their specific line of work, there is no need for the color. But just so the rest of the world acknowledges your investment in the Green movement, you display it in the symbol that represents your business.

3.     Your Professional Behavior

A logo shows how professional you and your organization are. If the font used in the logo is formal and it has enough circles and crests then these symmetrical symbols will express just how professionally you deal with your clients.  For exhibiting a sober outlook in an industry like finance and trade, a logo is generally black or gray. Other colors like Blue, gold and navy also build trust of the public.

4.     Your Presence in the Current World

Your logo keeps you in the game with your competitors only if it is as per the era in which the brand exists. Many brands that were established in the 20th Century have a hard time surviving in the 21st century. This is because times have changed drastically, and only brands that grow with time and alter the designs of the symbol that represents them survive as it can inspire the new generation.  For instance, Microsoft has updated its logo several times over the years and wisely so as it still retains its position in the market with competitors like Apple.

5.     Your Identity and of Your Brand’s

The identity of your business is reflected from your logo. In fact, even your own identity is attached with it. Take for instance the logo of KFC. The founder of KFC belonged to Kentucky and that’s where he started out his business for the first time. That’s why his logo says KFC, representing the Kentucky Fried Chicken.  His identity as someone who lived in Kentucky is clearly seen from the logo.  Your logo is the most important aspect of your business. An exciting logo can bring a variety of clients to you. Web Graphics and More designs phenomenal logos for unique business that bring out the identity and objectives of the business clearly. Use a powerful tool like your business’ logo to give a boost to your ever progressing business.

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