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Microsoft Outlook Online is part of the Microsoft 365 cloud based services. The main purpose of this service is to allows you to send and receive email. However, there’s a lot more to this cloud service to explore. You can log in to your Outlook account from a web browser and manage your personal data, such as calendar appointments, contacts, tasks, and notes.  

Here are some of the major benefits of using Microsoft Outlook Online: 


With Outlook Online, you can access your emails, calendar, documents, and contacts on a variety of devices, such as laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Regardless of your location, you can resume your work from any location and not worry about missing a critical notification. All you need is an internet connection and you can access your vital email and perform other tasks using the app. As Outlook Online saves information online, you do not have to worry about losing information in case your computer suddenly dies out. 

Easy to Use 

Outlook on the web is a user-friendly tool. Its features and settings are divided into self-explanatory categories that even new users can quickly understand. Due to efficient organization, mailing tasks can be taken care of without wasting any time.  


Microsoft Outlook has a reputation of having well-secured mail servers in place. It’s safe to say that Outlook on the web is a secure program that can keep you protected from cyber-attacks.  It reduces spam and shields against malware and phishing attempts that can plague web mail servers or your personal device. This feature is quite important for businesses as Outlook’s robust security features can protect your confidential information.  


Not all email clients work at the same speed. In some applications, this would result in email, that would stay on a server for a good 20 to 30 minutes before your device could detect the latest communications.  Microsoft Outlook Online is designed using the latest software that helps make your email visible as soon as it approaches the server. Being able to send and receive emails quickly can enable smooth business transactions well within time. 


Microsoft Outlook Online includes calendar, contacts, task lists, and sticky notes for holistic management of business affairs. As it is well-integrated, you can simply drag and drop email messages to make an appointment, etc. With only a click or two, you can create and delegate tasks. The person you delegate the job to would automatically get informed and even receive status reports. You can conveniently mark appointments on the calendar to organize your busy business schedule. 

Final Thoughts 

Microsoft Outlook is an efficient multipurpose email client. Microsoft Outlook is updated frequently.  As a result Microsoft Outlook is also patched frequently against security threats. You can easily filter junk mail and avoid undesirable external content.  This protects you from unwanted images and potential threats from unknown senders. The app also contains a search bar at the top of the page that makes it easier to look for contacts, dates, and emails. Calendar and tasks features allow you to use Outlook on the web to manage your events and appointments. 

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