Have You Adjusted Your Marketing Plan for COVID-19 and 2021?

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Every definition of marketing aims to emphasize consumers. However, devising a marketing plan for COVID-19 and 2021 is a tricky business as consumer behavior has completely changed along with the business environment. The world has witnessed a pandemic for the first time in over a century.  Hence, it’s essential to re-evaluate your marketing plan to account for new norms like social distancing and remote working, etc.

So, have you adjusted your marketing plan for COVID-19 and 2021 yet? If not, then read on learn some new concepts you must incorporate into your plan to survive and thrive.

Adjusting Your Marketing Plan for COVID-19 and 2021

The following are 5 concepts you must incorporate into your marketing plan for COVID-19 and 2021 to evolve products, services, communication, and marketing efforts:

1.     Know Your Customers, Again

We’re experiencing a rapid business evolution. The longer the pandemic lasts, the more long-lasting the changes would be. Hence, you must reassess your value offerings according to shifted customer needs and priorities. Get in touch with customers and your sales teams to re-evaluate your sales funnel. Check if your business has attracted a new audience, and plan your promotions for them accordingly.

Investigate competitors to learn how they’re handling the pandemic, and follow the money by understanding your business drivers.

2.     Short Term is the New Long Term

While re-evaluating your marketing strategy and plans, you should focus on shorter-range plans that extend from 3-6 months. Furthermore, you must be ready to re-calibrate these short-term plans to ensure they remain relevant and in line with the emerging situation. You can continue with long terms plans after the pandemic.

For now, it’s all about constantly reviewing data and implications to remain relevant and drive value for customers.

3.     Digital Is the New Normal

Even before the pandemic, businesses were speeding up their digital transformation transition due to the emergence of online shopping and new customer journies. During the pandemic, brands that already optimized their online presence catered to customers even under lockdown. During COVID-19, many customers experienced convenience and easier access to businesses and transactions.

So, even if the pandemic ends tomorrow, it’s unlikely that consumers will go back to their old ways. Hence, you must simplify and re-invent your online channels to offer solutions where customers want them.

4.     Remote Working is Here to Stay

COVID-19 has forced the world indoors. People’s daily commute to and from work has been disrupted due to remote working and flexible hours. Before, marketers had a general idea of where audiences were during the workweek. The only commute people have to take is the walk to their home office from their beds or the kitchen.

With this change, workers now have different demands compared to when they were working from the office. With more freedom and fluidity, they are more active on email and social media accounts during the day. So, you must consider all these changes when planning your digital marketing campaigns.

5.     Virtual Is the New Real

With many companies embracing remote work, employees have to adapt to remote work technology and processes. With this new trend, remote communications and virtual experiences will become a new normal in the event world. With vaccines in deployment, we will physically experience events but retain a hybrid component as the world returns to normal.

With video and audio consumption increasing, you must look to all the digital channels available at your disposal to get your message out.


Regardless of your industry, COVID-19 changes consumer behavior, and many of these changes will be permanent. To ensure that your products, services, and messaging are tuned to these changes, you must adjust your marketing plan for COVID-19 and 2021 to remain dynamic moving forward.

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