Microsoft Outlook Vs Gmail: Which Is Better?


Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are two of the most popular email clients out there. The number of people who use Gmail is approximately 1.5 billion, while about 400 million people use Outlook.  An email client is a computer program that catches emails from server and transfers them to your computer. As all messages are stored on the computer, emails can easily be accessed via an internet connection. 

What is Microsoft Outlook? 

Outlook functions as an online email service and a desktop email client. You can sign up for an account by visiting Microsoft Outlook is a simple tool to send and receive emails, but it also consists of features like calendar, tasks, and contacts that allow you to manage your appointments and events.  

What is Gmail? 

Gmail is a webmail service founded by Google. It is free to use, but advertisements are shown within your inbox in order to cover the costs of running the program. Several Google services are integrated with Gmail, such as Google Calendar, Drive, and Docs. This helps users effectively create, organize, and share all their documents through a single platform. 

Comparison of Outlook with Gmail 

Both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail are efficient email clients that offer a variety of options for the ease of the user. Besides email, the security and scheduling features also stand out. Here is a head-to-head comparison of both: 


Microsoft Outlook also performs several security checks for the benefit of the users. The prime ones include: 

  • Attachment security: Microsoft Outlook automatically restricts access to suspicious file types, such as .exe and .pif files. 
  • Email encryption: This feature is best for companies that handle sensitive information, such as social security numbers and credit card information of employees. It ensures that only the recipient of the email can open and read the mail. 
  • Data loss prevention: Microsoft Outlook has settings to prevent your data from being sent outside your organization.  

Gmail offers a host of security features to protect users against spam and cyber-attacks. The top ones include: 

  • Two-step verification: Each time you attempt to access their mail from a new device, Gmail will send a code to your registered mobile number. You will then be required to enter the code along with your email password to log in successfully. As the code is generated on the spot, it is practically impossible for hackers to steal it. 
  • Review suspicious activity: When google recognizes any suspicious activity on your account, it sends a notification to alert you.  
  • Phishing and malware protection: Gmail is able to identify emails with unusual attachments. It automatically shows a warning message and directs the email to the spam folder. 


In Microsoft Outlook, the email component is well-integrated with the calendar. Here are some of the major benefits of calendar in Outlook: 

  • Create appointments: You can simply click on the time slot of your choice and mark events and appointments. 
  • Organize meetings: Choose a time slot on the calendar, create a meeting request, and select all the people you wish to invite. 
  • View calendars side-by-side: You can create multiple calendars in Outlook and view them together, for example, you can make separate ones for work and personal appointments, and view them on a single screen. 

Gmail features Google Calendar, which is quite effective for managing your schedule. Its top features include: 

  • Create multiple calendars: Similar to Outlook, Google also lets you create different calendars. It enables you to coordinate with other people by helping you schedule a meeting at a time when both you and your guests are free. 
  • Organize appointments: Google Appointment slots allow you to select particular time slots during the day and share them with others using a private calendar link. This helps people figure out your availability in order to schedule meetings with your accordingly. 
  • Email event guests: With Google, you can easily email all the participants of an event to coordinate better.  

Final Thoughts 

Microsoft Outlook and Gmail provide various facilities other than simply sending and receiving emails. The robust security features along with various options to manage your contacts, calendars, and tasks, is what makes both email clients top of the line. Take a careful look at the detailed functions in order to determine which one would suit your needs best. 

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