The 3 Marketing Lessons You Need to Know for 2021

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2020 seemed like a never-ending nightmare for businesses. With the year finally behind us and COVID-19 vaccinations in deployment, we’re edging closer to post-pandemic times. Despite being the most challenging and unusual year for businesses, there are plenty of marketing lessons that we can apply to succeed in 2021.

In this post, we’ll share the 3 most important marketing lessons you need to know for 2021 to help you attain and retain customers effectively across all channels.

The 3 Most Essential Marketing Lessons for Businesses in 2021

Below are the 3 most important marketing lessons you need to know for 2021:

1.     You Must Relate Your Content to Your Sales Funnel

Adapting your content marketing strategy according to your sales strategy is the most important marketing lesson for 2021. Due to the pandemic affecting on-ground marketing efforts, businesses generate tons of content to improve their online presence. Their content marketing efforts include publishing blog posts, sending emails, sharing company news, updating product descriptions, and producing how-to-guides.

However, many businesses can’t structure the content they are producing. With a content strategy that aligns with your sales funnel, you not only meet the needs of your target customers but can use your content to move the user to the next stage effectively.

To do this, you must understand your sales funnel stages and define their intent. With an effective strategy, you can produce the right content type and target the right keywords for each stage of the decision-making process that the buyer reaches.

2.     Explainer Videos Have the Power to Stop Social Media Scrolls

2020 presented unprecedented marketing challenges for most organizations, and explainer videos are a digital marketing tool that will help them recover. Data backs up this data. According to a survey, an average online user watches nearly 100 minutes of video content every day. Secondly, a great video is one of the only ways to make people stop scrolling and take notice.

This ability of explainer videos helps businesses capture their target audience’s attention, build long-term relationships, and gain a competitive edge. Moreover, visual information is easier to remember and nearly 60,000 times faster to process.

Explainer videos allow you to effectively integrate visuals, voice-overs, and music to present complex ideas or offerings, boosting your chances to gain your audience’s trust. With uncertainty still looming in 2021, trust is the biggest weapon businesses have to keep their revenue streams flowing.

3.     Hashtags are Great When Planned Correctly

Instagram has become one of the most important digital marketing channels for businesses in the last decade. Even in 2021, using relevant hashtags on your posts and stories boost your discovery chances. Hence, using the right hashtags increases reach, potentially translating into more engagement, more followers, and more customers.

With the digital surge, millions of users worldwide mindlessly scroll through social media posts. Hashtags help users make sense of your post at a glance while scanning their feeds.

Planning your hashtags effectively can be the difference between someone ignoring your post and someone stopping to read and potentially click through to learn more. However, every hashtag you use won’t have the same impact on your digital marketing efforts. Remember: a small dedicated, relevant audience is better than thousands of irrelevant followers.


So, there you have it – the 3 marketing lessons you need to know for 2021. The pandemic has necessitated that businesses rethink their strategies and explore the full breadth of what online marketing has to offer. These lessons can help you adjust your marketing efforts and embrace what you learned from 2020.


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