Understanding Alexa and Google Rankings

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Today’s online environment is dynamic. If you know anything about marketing you know that you must use search engine optimization to ensure you are ranking high. Many depend on SERP’s then there are others that rely on gathering organic traffic through brand building. Whatever your methods, the goal is to obtain financial success. Some feel that by scoring high on Google, it will increase their visibility and they can reach their goal. However, there are many that believe topping the Alexa charts is the way to get maximum benefits.

Why Google Rankings Are Supreme?

Everybody knows that Google is king when it comes to search engines. Though there are others, they all seem to follow the lead of this mega site. However, it seems that you must play a game to stay on top of the demands and changes that this company does to their algorithm. Did you know that they use more than 200 ranking factors in their process? With all of those factors, how can someone keep up with their demands? SEO can make or break your business, and it should be a major concern of all companies. If you want to improve your ranking, here are some things that this site looks at:

  • The Age of The Website
  • Do You Have Your Keyword In Your Domain?
  • The Domain Registry Rank
  • Keyword in Subdomain Name
  • Domain History
  • Exact Match Domain
  • Keyword in Title Tag
  • Title Tag Starts with Keyword
  • Keyword in Description Tag
  • Keyword Appears in H1 Tag
  • Content-Length
  • Keyword Density
  • And Other Factors

Are you already doing these things? It’s amazing that website owners put so much emphasis on these items, yet they forget things like proper grammar and spelling. If there are broken links and the reading level is above or below average, it all affects the ranking. How is a person able to keep up with all of this without losing sanity? The short answer is to have someone do it for you. The algorithm changes constantly. Remember when keyword stuffing was the way to get a higher ranking? Search engine optimization is constantly changing, and you must be able to change your site to adapt to their new requirements.

Understanding Alexa

This website monitoring system takes into consideration the frequency of users. It is a toolbar that is on the browser of many computers. It gives the user real-time information about the site they are visiting. It also shows sites that have been viewed by other web surfers that have a link to the site you are visiting. This little toolbar evaluates the traffic that reaches each site.

It uses reach and page views as its parameters. A page view is simply how many times a URL is viewed by a user. It watches the IP addresses so that if the same user visits the site multiple times, it still only gets counted as one. Thus, there is no way to fraudulently impact the ranking by visiting the site often.

So, this toolbar calculates the reach and page views for every single site on the web, every day. Then, they do an average over a period of 90 days to decide how to rank the website. This toolbar sends data to a central server. Each time a user goes to a web page, the information is sent to the server. Anyone who has the toolbar is helping to supply such data.

Improving Your Rating

As previously discussed, this toolbar uses both reach and page views to rank your site. However, you can better your ranking with a few tricks. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Install This Toolbar On Your Computer(s)

    You can install this toolbar and surf your own site. Not only will it give you the ranking, but it will also allow you to look at competitors. All the frequent users of your site need to have the toolbar to help boost your rank.

  • Add The Widget To Your Site

    If you want to entice visitors to help you with your ranking, then simply add the widget to your site. Remind them that each click counts and how they are helping you out.

  • Host Quality Content

    The quality of your content is of the utmost important for SEO. When you report and promote your site on blogs and social pages, you want to make sure you give them something to good to read. Tech and webmaster oriented content is important as most users are technologically advanced people.

  • Post Articles About The Toolbar

    Redirect links on your page and toolbar can link people back to the toolbar they need. Also, use related keywords and relevant pages to redirect customers. Even if a visitor doesn’t have the toolbar, they should know why they need to get it.

Which Ranking Is More Important?

What is more important for your SEO? Always, go with the search engine. It is your best bet for smarter marketing insights. Remember that Alexa only pulls data from the users that have the toolbars installed. The search engines use data from everyone. There are some benefits to being able to compare your page to your competitors though. When all else fails, make sure that you are ranking high in the search engine and use widgets to promote downloading the toolbar to help you. What is the acceptable method today may totally change tomorrow. It is good to have a company working with you to help keep all of these things straight.

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