5 Effective Methods to Get More Subscribers

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According to research, an average American spends as many as 5 hours a day on email. This proves it’s the continuing relevance of email in the digital marketing world.  Therefore, it is imperative that businesses strive to get more sign-ups on their websites. Here are five effective tactics you can adopt to increase your subscribers.

1.     Add a Subscribe Bar to The Top of Your Website

For any business owner, expanding their email list is one of their goals. You must make sure that your email subscription box is one of the first things that visitors see on your website.  WordPress plugins that enable you to embed a subscription bar include Sumo, Leadpages, and OptinMonster. After downloading and activating the plugin, it will direct you to add the relevant call-to-action and fields to the subscription bar.

2.     Use Opt-In Forms

You can embed opt-in forms beside the blogs on your website to increase your subscribers. This saves visitors the hassle of going to the landing page for sign up.  Visitors are likely to notice the opt-in forms as they go through your website content. You can also use this to market your lead magnet, such as a free eBook or an exclusive offer.  WPForms is a useful plugin for adding a form within a blog post. It also has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor for making your form look more attractive.

3.     Spin the Wheel

Spin the wheel is a fun feature that instantly grabs the attention of visitors. They work like opt-in forms that make online visitors feel that they are playing a game where they may receive a reward in the end.  Some WordPress plugins you can use to add this feature to your website include OptinMonster, WP Optin Wheel, and OptinSpin. You can allow people to play this virtual game once they provide their email address. The prizes for spinning the wheel may include discount codes, coupons, or some free content.

4.     Pop-Up Subscription Form

A pop-up subscription form may seem annoying and even boring, but the truth is that they work quite effectively. According to an analysis carried out by Sumo, the average conversion rate of pop-up forms is 3.09%, which is substantial.  There are various ways you can display pop-ups without distracting visitors. For example, you can make the pop-up emerge just when a user indicates that they are leaving the website. You can use software known as Sumo to embed different styles of pop-ups into your website.

5.     Special Deal for New Subscribers

A special deal offers an excellent opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with users. You can provide a special offer, which is not available anywhere else on your website.  For instance, you can display a pop-up asking: “Would you like 10% off on your first purchase?”, and include a yes and no button.  Make sure you offer something substantial at a bargain price. Also include a hint about the offer in the opt-in form text.


Making an effort to increase subscribers through your WordPress website can go a long way in improving your sales. With the right plugins and offers, you can increase your conversion rate to meet your goals in no time.

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