5 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing


What really is social media marketing: a vibrant powerhouse that creates leads, solidifies branding and drives sales or a big task-oriented, time-wasting dud?  It depends on how effectively you use it.  Social media is now one of the most powerful marketing strategies to engage audience, attract traffic and drives sales, but many businesses fail to benefit from it. The reason is that they’re doing it all wrong. Jumping on the social media bandwagon without a proper strategy often leads to loss rather than increasing sales. Therefore, we’ll share with you some important tips to help you build an effective social media strategy for successful marketing.

#1 Deliver Consistently

A social media presence is of no use if you don’t post new content regularly. Nurturing social media constantly is important, if you want your business to stand out. Don’t just share the content of your own website, but share other content as well, that might interest and engage your followers. The more interesting content you’ll share on your social media pages the more your audience will grow, allowing you to become an authority in your industry.

#2 Scheduling Posts

Without a proper schedule to post content on social media platforms, you may end up scrambling for content at the last moment. If you fail to update your social media accounts with relevant content when the audience desires it, you’ll never be able to capture their interest. A content calendar can assist in scheduling posts on social media, so that you have the content planned beforehand.

#3 Focus on Specific Networks

With a number of social media platforms available now, businesses often times find it hard to decide which platform to use for marketing. Remember, you can’t expect to promote your content on every social media platform hoping to attract more audience towards your business. This is not a sustainable option as you can’t manage so many networks all at once.

You should direct your efforts on specific social media networks where your audience is most active, if you wish to bear fruit from your marketing efforts.

#4 Leverage Events

People use social media not only to interact with their friends, but also to find the latest information and news. You can grow your followers by posting information about current events.

Keep an eye out for trending hashtags on Twitter and use them with your social posts. This allows you to become a part of bigger conversations taking place on social platforms.

#5 Create Contests

A good way to boost engagement on social media platform is through contests. Few contests which you can use to promote your business on social media include photo contest, vote contest and sweepstakes.

In a photo contest, you can reward your followers for submitting their photo with your business’s hashtag. In a vote contest, you can ask your social media followers to share their opinion about a movie, video, image or other media through a vote. For sweepstakes, you can set up special landing page where visitors can sign up to win prizes.

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These are just a few tips to help you become successful with social media marketing. For more information and complete guidance on social media marketing, contact the experts at Web Graphics and More, LLC.

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