Why a Good Logo is Essential for Your Online Business


From “swoosh” symbol of Nike to twin-tailed siren or mermaid of Starbucks, the largest companies in the world place great emphasis on their logos. But why is it so?  For many, the logo of a particular firm instantly connects them with its business without even seeing its name. Think of a bitten apple and the name of a certain company will pop up in your head instantly.  Despite its obvious importance, many online businesses and entrepreneurs don’t understand why a well-designed logo is essential nay vital for their brand.  So, in this post we’ll share a few reasons to convince you why a good logo is the need of the day if you want to be successful online.

Establish Identity

For online business, the importance of unique visual identity can never be ignored. Effective and consistent visual communication is the most extensively used method for communicating business values without even uttering a single word. Your logo is essential for your website, business cards and marketing materials as people can easily recognize and connect with your business if it has a good logo.

Inviting New Customers

People are more drawn towards intriguing colors and designs. The logo of your online business must be designed to drive interest of the audience and pique their curiosity. When you’ll promote your business on other websites, if your logo stands out and delivers the right message, more people will be interested in connecting with you.

Distinguish from Competitors

One of the good things about a logo is that when you make it unique without using generic templates, it will only be associated with your business. A good logo gives you the opportunity to create a unique impression. Beside the name of your company, a logo is what distinguishes you from other similar businesses.


In the business world, brand recognition is of great importance as buyers will not be able to purchase your products if they cannot remember your brand or where to find you. A well-designed logo of your business can clearly reflect your message and help you build strong brand recognition.


Advertisement is essential for your online business to inform customers about new products that you are offering. A logo has a critical role to play in the advertisement of your business. They act as graphical displays for unique identity of the business and through imageries and colors they provide vital information about your business to attract potential customers.


A good logo allows you to build consistency as people can easily remember you through your logo. Logos helps potential customers relate various messages they see and remember that they are all coming one same source.  Every time someone visits your website they are seeing your logo, the logo that represents your business and makes it unique from the competitors. A well-designed logo can thus become a revolutionary component in success of your online business.  If you don’t have a logo for your online business and wish to have one designed, get in touch with our experts at Web Graphics and More. We can create innovative and eye-catching logos for your business to make it stand out from the competitors.

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