How to Use Keywords In Blogging

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Running a website is easy if you know what you are doing, and doing it right. If you enjoy entertaining people through your words, you are probably a blogger. There is so much on the internet today which is exposed to the people that it takes skills to make your own way onto their screens. For a successful blog post, using the right keywords is an art.
The success rate of a blog post is measure by the traffic it derives to other websites and the number of shares it gets. If the call-to-action is followed, it means that you have delivered what you were supposed to. There are a few tricks that can help you create the perfect blog post and drive traffic to your blog and website.

Using Keywords in the Blog Title

The best way to get your blog to drive traffic is by incorporating keywords into the title of the blog. Make sure you do not compromise on the title of the blog. The title needs to be catchy and interesting for people to click on it. Use your creativity to add a keyword in a way that motivates people to click on it and also ensures it ranks high on search engines.

1 Or 2 Keyword Phrase in One Blog Post

A lot of traffic comes from search engines. In order to maximize the traffic coming to your blog you must focus on adding just 1 or 2 keyword phrases in each blog post. If you add more than 2 keyword phrases it may look like spam to both the readers and the search engine. This happens because the keywords weaken the actual content of the blog and it will look like spam.

Use Keywords Often

Instead of using more keyword phrases, use keywords many times throughout your blog post. Use them as many times as you can in the first 200 characters but avoid keyword stuffing. Continue to use keywords more towards the end of the post to have a high search engine ranking.

Use Keywords in Linked Text

SEO experts believe that search engines like Google rank linked texts higher than unlinked texts. There is more weight placed on linked texts that is placed around a blog. Make sure you understand how to add keyword in these texts and use them wisely. Too many keywords in linked texts may result in spam.

Use Keywords to Rename Images

When you upload an image to a blog post, make sure you rename it. Renaming the blog post with keywords is a very clever way of increasing the SEO ranking. Images are usually named is DCS0001.jgep and others, rename them and use descriptive text. Describe the image and use one relevant keyword while doing that.

Keep your blog posts entertaining and short. Use keywords by doing a keyword search and use them wisely. These are all organic methods of getting a high ranking on search engines.

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