How To Write A Killer Directory Listing For Your Pet Related Business

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Owning your own business in the pet industry is a fun and rewarding experience. Now it is time to write a killer directory listing for your business. There are plenty of places on the web where a business owner in the pet industry can list their site, but this article will use as an example site to place your listing.

Check out these tips for writing a killer listing with examples from the directory at

1. Get their attention and keep them hooked.

Know the problems and desires of your target market, and use the solution to hook your reader’s attention from the very beginning. This opening line from the listing for Life’s Abundance Healthy Food for Dogs and Cats does just that.

“At Life’s Abundance, we make healthy living easier with products that are inspired by nature and informed by science.”

Start with a benefit that directly helps your reader, such as making healthy living easier. Tell your reader how you can help them, and you will get their attention.

Use phrases like, “with products that are inspired by nature and informed by science.” Let them know you are an authority in the matter. It will establish trust, and trust keeps a reader at your listing and convinces them to click on your link.

2. Use emotion.

Emotions like fear, love, and anger are powerful tools in the marketing world. Emotions make you look personable, and puts a human element into your text. People respond more to humans than computer screens. Take a look at this example from Cozzy Covers.

“Your pet needs a natural day and night cycle to be healthy and happy. You can provide that with our perfectly designed bird cage cover!”

The statement, “Your pet needs a natural day and night cycle to be healthy and happy” touch on your concern for your animals health and happiness.

Cozy Covers goes on to say, “You can provide that with our perfectly designed bird cage cover!” Start on a topic that inspires concern then follow up with a reassuring solution. This is a brilliant way to show your customers that you understand their problem and care about helping them find a solution to their dilemma. Use emotional tactics to reveal a problem and provide a solution. It lets your readers know that they need your services.

3. Have fun! Write an enticing description that emulates your personality.

This is where you separate yourself from everyone else in your niche. Always add a hint of your personality into your ads. This conjures an image of a real life person in your customer’s mind. You want to do everything you can to make your text read as a live human being. Check out the personality in this listing from Fantasy Cat Trees.

“These Gorgeous Life-Like Luxury Cat Trees are Purrrrfect for Climbing, Hiding, Lounging, Playing and Sleeping. Our Fantasy Trees allow your Precious Cats to play “in the Great Outdoors” safely inside. They are a piece of Artwork for your home and A Fantasy Forest for your playful cats.”

Note the use of the word Purrrrfect and phrases like Precious Cats. You can tell this listing was written by a cat person who knows her target market. Do not hold anything back. Let your personality shine. Like Fantasy Cat Trees, you can use your personality to show your audience that you know what they want.

Let your customer’s see a little bit of you and be relatable. Consumers respond to relatable people as it also builds trust.

4. End your business listing with a solid way for your customers to find and contact you.

In today’s fast paced world where information is at the tip of your fingers, the ease for which your potential customers can find you can make or break a listing. Be sure to include a clear link to your website. Make it easy for them, and provide as many viable forms of communication as possible.

5. Are you ready to start writing your killer business listing?

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