How Website Design can help in Improving your Google Search Ranking



A good SEO ranking means a website must have a good design. But what does that mean? A good website design does not mean a colorful website with big pictures that are appealing yet confusing. Good website design is one where the visitors can use it to their advantage for easier accessibility and do not get lost or bored during navigation. Designing a website can be tricky. Your business has a theme and a vision which should be reflected in your website design as well. The blend of the right colors and eye-catching visual effects can result in a better user experience and therefore, better SEO ranking.

Easy to Navigate

A great user experience means seamless navigation for visitors. Visitors must find what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Users visiting a website must be pointed towards relevant and targeted landing pages that convert. If a visitor gets from point A to Z without missing a beat, chances are that they will return the next time they need you. Call-to-action buttons must be focused on direct navigation towards the aims of your business. A sitemap is vital for SEO. Breadcrumb navigation helps structure a page’s hierarchy and you can keep track of where each user is on your website. This was you can track and identify where they spend time productively, where they get lost, and where they leave your website altogether.

Crawlable Visual Content

Adding text content to any images or visuals that are up on your website are vital aspects of SEO. Describe what the picture is by renaming it on the website. Use the alternative text and description fields to make them more crawlable. For example, if you are selling umbrellas, you need to name the image as “blue-umbrella-large” instead of some HTML or DSC0001.jpg. This give meaning to your images, and search engines will know what these images are for. You can do this for slideshows and other videos that go up on your website.

SEO-Friendly URL Structure

Just like renaming images on your website, you should rename their URLs too. Instead of having generic names like page 1 or page 3, rename the URLs so that they contain keywords. For e.g. which would be read and crawled by search engines much better than a random group of numbers. These URLs are also reader friendly, can be read by your customers and shared with ease.

Social Networks

Search engines also ranks those website which are shared on social media. Many marketers fail to understand this, but a solid social media presence boosts SEO like nothing else. A good number of shares and tweets will increase your website’s rank. Be sure to having share buttons on your pages. Be discreet about it, or you may just annoy your customers. Create a standard line with all social media icons so that visitors know they can share with it their friends. By making a few changes in your website design, you can create a high-ranking website which will reap rewards for days to come. It is all about appearing on page 1 on every search engine. Keywords and intelligent design can help you achieve that.

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