Importance of a Content Calendar for Your Social Media Strategy

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The social media marketing is on the rise and there’s an ever increasing demand of new content to keep the audience engaged. However, social media marketing is not just about scheduling Facebook posts and publishing new content on Twitter and Instagram regularly. It is also important to align the content that goes on social media platforms with other marketing efforts like email campaign, blogging and advertisements.  There should be a place where all the teams can see the various marketing efforts and interpret them to organize their content accordingly. This is where a content calendar comes in handy.

Content Calendar

Content calendars allow scheduling out what will be posted across different platforms on different times in a day, or different days in a month, depending upon how much specifications are required. Separate content calendars can be used for blogs, social media marketing, email marketing, etc. or you can use just one to manage everything collectively.

A content calendar when maintained properly, allows you to direct your marketing strategy towards one common goal. Teams can intertwine and work together to share the same message across different platforms and you’re able to plan your marketing strategy for better engagement with the audience.

Organizing Marketing Efforts

With a content calendar, you can plan and visualize what content you’ll be posting at different times and keep it organized and aligned across different platforms. It allows you to plan posts around important dates or events and determine if there are any holes in the content you have in mind.

When you’ll schedule posts beforehand, you won’t end up scrambling for content on the day post is required.

A content calendar makes life easier in creating content as you don’t have to dig up new information to create content regularly. As you are writing a Facebook post and scheduling it for the perfect time, you can view other marketing efforts and content scheduled for other platforms and take the information from there to, not only align your post, but also save yourself from spending hours searching for new information.


With a content calendar, you can plan ahead and provide consistent content to your social media audience to achieve your marketing goals. With the ability of planning out new content for every platform, you can keep your voice consistent and keep the audience engaged with regular posts.

Would you follow a Facebook page that shares something engaging and interesting every day, or one that only shares content once in a week? We’ll know that the answer to this question is, but remember- while planning is important, it is also imperative to keep up with emerging trends and have something to say when major news breaks in. This may seem contradictory to what we’ve said before, but with social media, prompt respond to sudden change can make all the difference!

The Final Word

In a nutshell, content calendars are an excellent tool for planning social media marketing strategy and keeping it align with other marketing efforts. If you haven’t been using content calendars for managing your posts, we suggest you do so to avoid the hassle of scrambling for content on important events. If you need help with managing a content calendar or want to know more about it, we at Web Graphics and More, LLC can assist!

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